CoreEDI compliance with ezyCollect.

Automated payment reminders personalised for debtors. Reach debtors via email, SMS, post. Auto attaches invoices. Online payments. Sends a thank you for payment email.

ezyCollect allows small to medium businesses and their bookkeepers to automate accounts receivables in minutes, saving over 1000 hours a year while drastically improving cash flow. With no data entry required, ezyCollect will instantly map all receivables data, monitor customers’ credit limits, track overdue invoices, use multiple channels to send reminders to pay, and let customers click-to-pay from invoices and reminders. The highly customisable templates provided let businesses communicate with their debtors in their own language, on a schedule that suits them. The one-stop-shop for complete credit management is designed to make tedious and time-consuming bookkeeping tasks a thing of the past.

Why companies trust CoreEDI with their ezyCollect connection:

Get EDI capabilities without the pain of installing software. With access to retail’s largest network, 24×7 support and integration options, it’s the only EDI solution you’ll ever need.

We’ll be your EDI department.

We serve as your comprehensive EDI department, going beyond basic service by handling any and all changes with ezyCollect on your behalf so you can continue to get products out without interruption or hassle.

CoreEDI Commerce Fulfillment product allows companies to exchange data electronically rather than by paper.

Trust the ezyCollect EDI compliance experts.

With an established track record with multiple ezyCollect suppliers, we understand all of the specifications—from particular OMMs to required shipping labels, any and all changes, and more. We have the expertise to get you easily mapped to ezyCollect, no matter how complex your business.

CoreEDI Commerce has the expertise to get you easily mapped to any supply chain partner.

Simple, yet revolutionary.

Our strength is powered by our retail relationships and our deep expertise in trading partner connections with over 80,000+ customers worldwide.

Seamless implementation and integration

Pre-built EDI solutions connecting to more than 100 accounting, ERP, WMS and TMS systems support a smooth transition to EDI, regardless of your transaction volume.

We’ll be your EDI department

We take on the heavy lifting. CoreEDI serves as your comprehensive EDI Department, handling all of your system changes so you can continue with business as usual without interruption.

Fast, software-free setup

All you need is a web browser to start processing EDI-compliant orders immediately. As your business evolves, we offer scalable solutions designed and prepared for exponential growth.

World-class reliability with 24/7/365 support

Get help anytime, the way you want it: by phone, by live chat, by email or through user-focused videos and webinars.

Satisfy any retailer requirement

Wal-Mart, Amazon, Cabela’s, Grainger, Target and more – our pre-mapped connections are ready to go. If we don’t have the map, we’ll build it.

Get total supply-chain visibility

Make decisions based on more complete and accurate data than ever before. See the flow of transactions in and out of your business with absolute clarity and accuracy, in real-time.